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Narrative Indiegrant Sample Form

The below is for reference only. To submit an Narrative IndieGrant, please fill out our online submission form HERE. For complete details on IndieGrants, including qualifications and requirements, click here

Filmmaker Info

For the purpose of this application, the "Filmmaker" is the person responsible for the IndieGrant, and is who will be receiving any funds awarded.

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Samples of Past Work (for $13,000 IndieGrant only)

Filmmakers applying for a $13,000 IndieGrant may submit up to 15 minutes of past work for the committee to review on Vimeo. If you have longer work or multiple projects that you'd like the committee to review, please edit the most relevant 15 minutes into one Vimeo.

Please provide Vimeo login info in the space below.

Budget Overview

Please submit the below budget information to help us understand the size of your project. A 2019 IndieGrants Basic Budget form must also be emailed to for your application to be complete. The form can be downloaded from the Indie Memphis website at


Total Cash Income (including IndieGrant request) *

If your Cash Income includes more than the IndieGrant request, how much is actually "in the bank" and how do you plan to raise any additional money you need?

Total In-Kind Income (Value)

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Cast & Crew Bios

Cast & Crew bios aren't required, but if you already have some (or all) of your team assembled, please tell us about them. Please be brief; don't use any more space than is necessary to tell us about your team.






Other Crew



Are you a resident of Shelby County, DeSoto County, Crittenden County, Marshall County, Tipton County, Mississippi County, or Fayette County ?* 

Is this project a live action narrative short film? Documentary, animation, and experimental projects are not eligible for the Narrative IndieGrant funds. Please see the Documentary IndieGrant for that application.

Can you shoot this entire project in Shelby County, DeSoto County, Crittenden County, Marshall County, Tipton County, Mississippi County, or Fayette County ?? *

Can you complete production by end of December 2020? *